Rewriting my Portfolio Site in Astro

Blog about rewriting my personal portfolio site from a react app to Astro.js

Thu Jan 01

Written by: Chris Pohlman

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Re-writing this website in Astro

Recently I released a new version of my personal portfolio site at The old one was something I had put together quite quickly and extremely early on in my software development career. Like prior to my first internship early. Now that I’ve been working professionally as a web developer for about a year I felt like it was a good time for a refresh. Now this new version is by no means perfect or even really in a state that I feelis 100% complete, but it is fully functional and at a point where I feel fine sharing it with the 3.5 people who are ever really likely to stumble across it. At the very least I feel quite confident that it is an improvement over my previous iteration and ultimately that is what is most important.

What was it before?

So what was this site like before? It was an extremely basic react app with a landing page that had two, ‘cards’ we will call them, that acted as links to a couple of my personal projects. Up top

Why Astro?

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